Sara Ali Khan’s Take On Skin Tone Bias & Colourism In India Invites Backlash Online


Discrimination on the basis of skin tone is not uncommon in India. Having said that, mindsets are changing and so is the discourse around colourism. There have been positive changes like the India’s got colour campaign and the backlash over brown facing in Bollywood.

According to News18, Sara Ali Khan was recently asked a question about the same at a ‘We the Women’ event in Bangalore. The ‘A Spark called Sara’ segment had Barkha Dutt in conversation with the actor.

Towards the end, an audience member asked Sara if she ever fantasized about being tanned and she replied,

“If you wanna be tan, just put some on some bronzer, and if you wanna be fair, put on some powder. It’s not the end of the world, and it shouldn’t define you at all.”

But when counter-questioned that there is deep-rooted pressure in India regarding skin colour she added,

“There is a higher probability and success rate for you to attempt to change yourself, than the world, because they are not going to change.”

While her ending statement received applause from the audience, Twitter was not impressed with how she dismissed societal pressure surrounding the issue. Also, her take on using makeup to alter one’s complexion was called out as being problematic.

Sara’s advice on being confident in one’s own skin rather than trying to change people’s views is valid. But isn’t talking about using makeup to look fairer or darker counteractive?

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