Sara Ali Khan Carrying Heavy Luggage At The Airport Has Rishi Kapoor Praising Her Humility

From the very moment I saw her make her first public appearance at Koffee With Karan last year, I absolutely fell in love with Sara Ali Khan. She is a complete breath of fresh air amidst the well-groomed, poised Bollywood biggies. She is unapologetically real, charmingly weird, has an infectious laugh, and can get anyone hooked with her words!

Even while coming from the house of Nawabs, Sara prides in her simplicity – a trait which has got her ruling headlines recently. As pictures of her at the Mumbai Airport went viral, Sara was spotted carrying her own luggage, consisting of 3 huge trolley bags, without any assistance.

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For anyone else, it would have been a normal thing to do. But in an age where Bollywood celebs are all for flashy airport looks, carrying 10 times the amount of luggage they need which is pushed around by assistants, Sara came as a surprise!

Watch her video here:

As pictures of her went viral, people can’t stop gushing over her humility. So much so that even Rishi Kapoor is giving her a huge thumbs-up!

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One can never run out of reasons to love this woman. Hope she inspires many to chose simplicity over vanity!

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