From Glue To ‘Black Magic’, Women Try To Guess What’s Holding Up Sara’s Backless Blouse

One of the unending dilemmas about being a woman is deciding which bra to wear with which clothing. Only women can relate when I say that there are multiple bras that are suitable for multiple items of clothing yet, there is not one bra that has been made for a backless dress/top. And honestly, those sticky cups don’t work if you’re heavily busted.

So when Sara Ali Khan wore a blouse that appeared to be so ‘backless’ that it’s unbelievable, women online were in for a shock. Because how on earth is that blouse holding itself in place?

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I mean, what confidence does this woman have to be wearing a blouse like this and not be scared of it falling off any second?

Besides jokes, people online have been trying to figure out the various ways in which the blouse is holding itself. From cello tape to black magic, here’s what some people guess is holding that blouse in place:

Thankfully, one person pointed out that the blouse has an extremely thin mesh cloth at the back for support.

Can the universe please do some magic and have an actual bra made for backless clothes?

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