Disney-Pixar’s New Film About An Indo-American Boy Is Here And I Couldn’t Be More Excited

Disney-Pixar together has created many wonderful animated movies that made their viewers truly connect with each character. Movies like Wall-E , UP, Cars, Toy Story and Inside Out became favorites even for adults.

Even their short-films are worth your time and their newest in the collection is Sanjay’s Super Team, the story of an Indian-American family and the protagonist Sanjay, who can’t decide what to follow.

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His father asks him to follow Hindu rituals and worship Gods, but Sanjay loves his western superheroes more. So much so, that eventually he starts thinking of them as the Hindu version of ‘Avengers’.

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The director, Sanjay Patel has made this film based on his own childhood experiences and personal struggles of dealing with cultural heritage and the Hindu rituals his father expected him to follow.

Well, I for one, just can’t wait to see it.

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