Sanjay Manjrekar Shares Tutorial On Chopping Veggies To ‘Bits & Pieces’, Twitter Reacts


Former cricketer and ex-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar is controversies’ favourite child. From calling Ravinder Jadeja a ‘bits and pieces’ player to discouraging words for team India during his commentary in any match, Sanjay Manjrekar has been called out by cricket fans time and again.

In fact, everything he does nowadays becomes a topic of memes. For example, he was roasted this weekend for tweeting “Today is Sunday, guys,” which he apparently did to remind people that it’s a Sunday amid coronavirus lockdown.

Just the next day, he posted a tutorial video telling fans the perfect technique of chopping vegetables. He described how your hands and arms should be placed while ‘doing the honors’. And, people on Twitter got another chance to pull his leg.

Look what people have to say about Manjrekar’s tutorial:

We hope Manjrekar takes all the jokes lightly just like he expects cricketers and cricket fans to not take his jibes to their heart!

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