Vaughan Asked Sanjay Manjrekar To Unblock Him On Twitter Sparking LIT Memes!

Sanjay Manjrekar’s comment calling Ravindra Jadeja ‘bits and pieces player’ had already caused a storm in the Twitter-verse. While Ravindra Jadeja, referred to the comment as ‘verbal diarrhoea‘, Another cricketer-turned-commentator, Michael Vaughan found a strong opportunity to take a jibe at Manjrekar. He tweeted about Jadeja’s performance in the semi-finals-

While it gathered thousands of hilarious reactions, it also led to a social-media-strife with Sanjay Manjrekar -with him blocking Michael. Vaughan came back to Twitter soon after, saying-

If the jibe wasn’t funny already, it just got more hilarious. Twitterati swarmed in to reply to Vaughan’s tweet – some just for the ‘LOL’s while others to tell him how lucky he was! Take a look.

With this Meme fest still going on, Michael Vaughan made another tweet, requesting Sanjay Manjrekar to unblock him, saying-

This tweet leads to Vaughan’s Insta handle, sharing one of the memes he received on Twitter-

This drove the twitter’s meme game off the charts, and people started to wreak tweet-havoc on Sanjay Manjrekar with posts like-

With fire spewing from all around, it’ll be interesting to see the new turn this Twitter banter takes. As of yet, neither has Sanjay Majrekar has made any remark regarding the troll, nor has he unblocked his commentary ‘pal’, Michael Vaughan. We wonder what’ll happen when they see each other in the commentary box.

Spoiler warning: Awkward Silence!