This Artist Is Not Good With Words So He Puts His Thoughts In These Relatable Dark Comics

Every living soul on this planet has the ability and need to express. But, even then we categorize people in ‘expressive’ and ‘non-expressive’ groups. What we forget is that speaking is not the only way a person can express. Some people sing, some people write and some people draw. But they do express because you can’t keep yourself away from that.

What I have for you here is an amazing comic collection which is made by someone who has had difficulty in expressing himself verbally. Going by the name of SandSerifComics, these dark humour strips are hilarious and relatable at the same time. The artist says, “This started off as a project about a month ago to be more productive as well as express my thoughts and experiences in what I do best – draw, since I’m not good at expressing much by talking.”

You can also follow his work on Facebook and Instagram.

1. All of us have had these sleepless nights.


2. You’ll never find it when you need it the most.


3. Errrrr…alright then!


4. I thought I was the only one who felt that!


5. Did anyone say self-depreciating humour? ?


6. It does feel pretty good, doesn’t it?


7. Every. Single. Time.


8. Well, and we never see life coming.


9. Time to break that wall down, my friend.


10. Only if it was that easy.


11. Sometimes, escaping is the easiest thing to do.


12. I correct myself. Not sometimes. All the time.


13. Because people won’t get it…


14. Damn son. Get up and jump!


15. And it doesn’t help the self-confidence.


16. You are dialing the wrong number man!


17. Standing by the point made!

Well, clearly the artist is excellent at expressing himself through comics. We wish him all the best and hope that his art helps him get rid of his anxiety.

Source: Boredpanda

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