Samsung Came Up With A New Device That’s Reminding Desis Of The Humble RIN Detergent Bar

When it comes to tech giants like Apple and Samsung, we expect them to come up with next-level technology that can make our lives convenient. And by next-level, we mean a logical product with a never-seen-before design and cutting-edge technology.

Not like the overpriced ‘Polishing Cloth’ Apple came up with to clean Apple devices.

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But despite having world-class experts in their R&D and design team, Samsung recently came up with an electronic product that is reminding people of the humble RIN detergent bar found at every desi household.

A couple of days ago, the South Korean biggie in the electronics industry introduced a portable SSD device ‘T7 Shield PSSD’ to protect all our files and work.


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Even though the company claimed that the device is tough, durable, and reliable, people online couldn’t see beyond its outer appearance which indeed looked like the blue detergent bar.

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It was immediately suspected that this device would become a meme in no time. And that’s exactly what happened. This is how people on Instagram reacted to seeing the SSD device:

Twitter also started buzzing with memes and it was laugh riot. Take a look:

Seriously guys, with so many expert minds you come up with this? Or maybe it’s a brand strategy, who knows?!

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