Professor Shares Nail-Biting Story Of How He Made It To IISc Interview Just In Time

Nothing comes our way easy especially when one wants to realize their distant dream. Samrat Mukhopadhyay also saw a dream of pursuing an integrated course at one of the coveted colleges for higher studies i.e. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

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Now a professor at IISER Mohali, Mukhopadhyay credits the institute for changing his life. But getting into the university wasn’t easy for him 25 years ago when email and the internet weren’t a thing and it took people days to reach Bengaluru because air travel was unimaginable even for the wealthy.

Narrating his fascinating story of how he managed to attend his life-altering interview, he took to Twitter. In the lengthy thread, he took us along in his journey which made us feel the anxiety, nervousness, thrill and happiness he experienced back in the day.

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He wrote:

He decided to take a chance on his aspirations and wrote the entrance exam in early May of 1997.

Since he was confident about getting shortlisted for the on-campus interview, he booked his train tickets from Howrah (Kolkata) to Bangalore. And mind you, this wasn’t a direct train.

He would have to reach Madras from Howrah and then Madras to Bangalore on another train which would take him 36 hours in total.

Despite all the preparations, his interview letter didn’t arrive till June 13th, the day when he was supposed to embark on the journey. Heartbroken by it, he cancels the tickets.

But miraculously, he received the call letter on June 16th due to a postal delay. Now, there were only two days left to the interview that was scheduled for June 18 at 9:00 am.

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Knowing that he had 45 hours in hand and it would take him 36 hours to reach Bangalore, he started packing his bags.

But what about the tickets? He had already canceled it. But as luck favors the brave, his train got delayed by 3 hours and he got some time in hand to make the arrangements.

Finally, he was in. The next hurdle was finding a way to reach Bangalore as his connecting train had already departed before he could arrive in Madras.

But since this was meant to be, he hopped, skipped, and jumped his way to the city of his dreams.

He reached Bangalore at 8:30 am. Just half an hour left to his interview.

And sharp at 9:00 am, he entered the interview waiting room with his luggage and a heart beating faster than ever.

Things went well. And despite his call letter arriving two weeks late, he managed to crack it.

Here he was, ecstatic but content at heart.

This is what he had to say to the youngsters of today.

His story of hope, commitment, and the determination to do everything and more in order to reach the top is just inspiring. Very well deserved!

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