Once A Samosa Seller’s Son, Guy Goes To IIT Bombay & Is Now A Software Engineer In The US

At 17, Mohan Abhyas achieved the remarkable feat of securing the 64th rank in the IIT-JEE Advanced examination. Now 24, Abhyas resides in Palo Alto, California, working at Rubrik, a firm that specializes in cloud data management and security. He has been working at Rubrik for 3 years as a software engineer.

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Growing up in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Abhyas came from a humble background. His family ran a small samosa business, and from an early age, he helped his parents by preparing samosas that his father would sell in the neighbourhood. As his academic workload increased, he had to stop helping with the family business to focus on his studies, often staying late at school because of the noisy and crowded conditions at home.

“Mohan used to help us with the business until the 10th grade. After school, he would assist me with preparing the samosa filling. Despite our insistence that he should play or study, he was always keen to help,” his mother had said back in 2017 to The News Minute after his results had come out.

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“My parents have always worked tirelessly to provide a good education for me and my sister. It’s my responsibility to support them in any way I can. They never let financial difficulties interfere with my education. I always knew they would prioritize my studies,” Mohan had shared.

Abhyas’ academic journey is truly inspiring. Beyond his IIT-JEE success, he topped the Andhra Pradesh EAMCET and performed exceptionally well in the Telangana EAMCET. Later, Abhyas realized his dream of studying at IIT Mumbai. Although he didn’t become a scientist as he once dreamed, he excelled as a software engineer, graduating with a stellar GPA of 9.84 and ranking 3rd in his department, reported Benzinga.

Mohan Abhyas’ story is not just about academic achievements; it is a tale of resilience, family dedication, and humble beginnings. His journey serves as an inspiration to students everywhere, demonstrating that with hard work, commitment, and humility, one can achieve extraordinary success!

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