Guy’s Online Poll On Samosa Crust Vs Filling Inspires Eatery To Sell Only Crust With Chutney

There are two kinds of samosa lovers in this world.
One, who prefer the crust of the samosa.
Second, who prefer the filling instead. But that it just aloo ki sabzi.

You may argue that the samosa crust is just nachos or papdi. But no. Unlike those two, samosa crusts are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And a good, perfectly salted crust defines how tasty a samosa is. To me, the filling is secondary.

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So, a guy named Shreyas Doshi, who is a startup advisor, had taken to Twitter a couple of months back to host an online poll – In a samosa, which part do you enjoy more? And of course, ‘the crust’ won the majority of votes.

Surprisingly, his poll was taken seriously by a food joint named Samosa Party who started selling buckets of just the samosa crust, also known as ‘samosa corners’, with their signature chutneys.

This, my friend, is what dreams are made of.

Turns out, the founder of the food joint was inspired by this poll and launched the snack ‘Samosa Corners’.

While some people online loved this idea and were dying to taste the dish, others compared it to nimkee and of course, nachos. Here’s what they said:

Now waiting for food joints to come up with tiny bite-sized samosas to soothe the soul! 😀

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