Same-Sex Couple Hailing From West Bengal Tie The Knot In UP & Begin Their ‘Forever’

In India, there is no legal recognition of same-sex marriages. But we are witnessing a certain cultural shift where, irrespective of urban and rural landscapes, same-sex couples are tying the knot the traditional way. Despite legal barriers, these couples are showing the world that love is love and highlighting a growing acceptance of diverse relationships.

28-year-old Jayashree Rahul and 23-year-old Rakhi Das, a same-sex couple from West Bengal, recently tied the knot in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria. The two were working for an orchestra in Deoria when they found love and decided to spend their entire lives together.

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According to India Today, the couple has been working together for nine years and their relationship was known to their respective families. They formalised their relationship after obtaining a notarized affidavit for their marriage. The wedding ceremony took place at Bhagada Bhavani temple in Bhatpar Rani.

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The news was shared by Munna Pal, the man who owns the orchestra, and he said that the two women have been an integral part of the orchestra for nearly a decade.

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We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness ahead! ūüôā

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