Same-Sex Couple Unable To Open Account At Axis Bank Despite LGBTQ+ Policy, Narrates Story

In September, Axis Bank grabbed headlines after they announced that same-sex couples can now open joint accounts at their bank. This was keeping in mind how couples from the LGBTQ+ community face troubles in attaining financial services as same-sex marriage is not yet legal in our country.

However, a woman named Anisha Sharma recently took to Twitter to share her difficult experience after she and her partner went to Axis Bank to open a joint account.

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Anisha revealed how the employees at Axis Bank thought they were “business partners” who wanted to open a current joint account. It took them a while to realise they were same-sex partners.

The couple was told that opening a savings account wouldn’t be possible as they weren’t related by blood.

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When shown the news about Axis Bank’s new policy, the employees were unsure and wanted proof of their marriage – showing how they were unaware of their company’s seemingly LGBTQ-friendly policy.

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They were finally told that they couldn’t open a joint account.

People online slammed Axis Bank on Twitter for failing to implement their own policy.

Some even shared their own experiences.

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It is heartbreaking to see people from the LGBTQ+ community suffer similar incidents every day. What are your views on this incident? Tell us.

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