Lesbian Couple Adopts 3 Brothers Separated At Birth So They Can Grow Up Together

Scores of kids reach adoption centres almost every other day. But not everyone ends up finding a forever home. And when abandoned siblings end up reaching foster care, it isn’t necessary that they will be adopted by the same parents. But this same-sex couple made sure that the three separated brothers at an adoption centre grow up together as a family.

As reported by Republic TV, same-sex couple KC and Lena Currie from Massachusetts first adopted an 18-month-old boy Joey at an adoption event that was hosted by a non-profit organisation, ‘Children’s Friend’.


“We saw a picture of Joey and Children’s Friend mentioned it would be a good match. He was 18 months old at the time,” Lena said to Good Morning America.

But days later, when the trio have started living as a family together, they get a call from the adoption centre. They informed the couple that Joey’s youngest brother Noah, who was now six-weeks-old, also needed a foster home. It didn’t take much time for the couple to bring Noah to the family. “We immediately said, ‘Yes’,” KC said.


After spending a month with Noah, the adoption centre called them again informing that Joey and Noah have another sibling, Logan. Logan, the middle brother who was living with another foster family at the time also needed a home since the other family couldn’t adopt him as ‘arrangement had fallen through at the last minute.’

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“It was our gut-feeling. We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us. When they’re older and have questions, they’ll have each other to lean on and experience that ride together,” KC said. Last month, Logan and Noah’s adoptions were made official.

Veronica Listerud of ‘Children’s Friend’ told sources, “It’s what you want to see happen. They’re a wonderful family. They’re flexible. They really understand the kids’ needs, the importance of maintaining sibling relationships and the long-term impact of that.”

Posted by Lena Currie on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

KC and Lena who have been married for more than five years are now proud parents of the three siblings. The Massachusetts couple said they are ‘looking forward to the boys having more dance parties, celebrating the holidays and watching the three grow up together.’

This is the sweetest thing ever, isn’t it? We need more compassionate people like KC and Lena in this world.

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