Sambhaji Bhide Claims Women Who Ate His Mangoes Gave Birth To Sons, Leaves Twitter In Splits

It’s a fact that growing up, none of us liked to study. We studied because we had to pass. However, those who took up science, their attention peaked for a while during the Biology class. To be more specific, during the chapter on Reproductive System. And although we might’ve giggled our way through it, we retained some of it, thereby making us functional human beings.

However, do you want to know what happens when you not only skip that particular chapter, but also try to teach about reproduction on a public platform? Well, let’s look at Sambhaji Bhide and his story regarding mangoes.

According to the Indian Express, Sambhaji Bhide was talking at a gathering in Nashik where he met the bizarre claim that giving birth to humans are connected with mangoes.

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“Mangoes are powerful and nutritious. Some women who ate mangoes of my garden have given birth to sons.”

If you’re hearing the name of Sambhaji Bhide for the first time, he’s a former RSS activist and the head of Shiv Pratishthan Hindustan. And as for how he has gained this mind-blowing theory, the best scientists are currently doing a thorough research on Bhide’s mangoes (no, they’re not).

You think I’m making this up? Well, hear it for yourself:

Given the absurdity of Sambhaji Bhide’s claims, Twitter trolled the mangoes out of him.

1. That’s a stretch.

2. Calculation mistake?

3. Just avoid the ones from his garden.

4. Genius!

5. Is that so?

6. Does it specifically affect women?

7. Well, there you go.

8. Then you’ll get mangoes on your birthday. Win-win.

9. *spits out water while laughing*

Personally, I like the theory. Taking the liberty to extend it: kids of ripe mango eating couples will be sweet, while sour mangoes will produce sour kids. Genius, aren’t I?

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