Desis Call Out Comedian Samay Raina For His Tasteless Joke On Abortion

The comedy space in the country has evolved a lot over the years. From people body-shaming others in the name of humor to calling the evils of society in a rather humorous and ‘punny’ way, we sure have come a long way.

Women have also started taking the reins of the space that was ideally dominated by men and artists are taking a dig at controversial topics in the name of dark humor. But how far can one go when it comes to touching sensitive issues like rape, abortion, and homophobia among others?

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We ask this question after coming across a comedian’s tweet that is currently being massively criticized for being in bad taste and not funny.

Indian stand-up comedian Samay Raina took to Twitter to probably joke about the United States’ landmark judgment that overturned abortion as a constitutional right in the country. He tweeted:

Raina being cynical and joking about a woman’s right to make decisions about her body is so 70s. And definitely not funny according to scores of diverse people online.


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