Samantha Ruth Prabhu On The Pain, Anxiety Behind ‘Glitz & Glamour’, Says She Sought Help

The past couple of months has been difficult for actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu. She not just went through a divorce but was also publicly shamed as countless speculations regarding her divorce made headlines. Considering that she is a public figure, Samantha is naturally expected to stand tall and not fall apart.


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However, she spoke about how a celebrity’s life isn’t perfect and highlighted the importance of speaking about their weaknesses and their pain. Hindustan Times quoted her saying:

“We live in an increasingly stressful world where there is so much focus, whether it is on social media, on portraying perfect lives. It is becoming more difficult to speak about our weaknesses, our pain, our anxiety because there is so much focus… Being very active on social media, I noticed the stress of portraying perfect lives. No one’s life is perfect, trust me.”

Samantha Prabhu further divulged that behind the glitz and glamour, celebrities tend to suffer and it should be made normal for them to speak about their pain.

“I think it is time for people like us, people like me most definitely, to speak about not just the glitz and glamour but also the pain, the suffering, the lows. It is normal for all of us to go through that, it is too normal to talk about it and it is normal to ask for help.”


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Talking about her own life, she revealed that she sought help from friends and counsellors during the difficult period of her life.

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“I have gone through a difficult time in my life and asked for help. I have sought help from my friends and counsellors and that has made a huge difference in my life. If I am sitting here today, strong and ready for the next part of my life, it is not just because I was strong but it is because many people around me helped me to be strong.”

Wishing her strength!

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