15 Quotes By Salvador Dali Which Are As Iconic & Surreal As Him

Salvador Dali’s eccentric nature and talent for self-promotion made him the most famous representative of the Surrealist Movement and one of the most widely recognized artists in the world. He was the first person who came to a conclusion that public relation was more important than talent. The only difference was, that he had tremendous talent.

Dali was 16 when he lost his mother and that had a profound effect on him. He had two tragedies in mind, one that he lost his beloved mother, and the other that she’ll be forgotten. That day, he vowed to never be forgotten. He studied some of the most brilliant artists of his time because he believed that only when you perfect the technique of masters, you can develop your own style.

Dali’s artistic output is enormous. He is often related to the images of melting clocks. In 1931, he painted ‘The Persistence of Memory’, his most famous work. His name became synonymous with surrealism, and in 1936, he created two of the most iconic objects of the Surrealist Movement, Lobster Telephone & Mae West Lips Sofa.

We present to you, 15 of the most iconic quotes by Dali, which prove he was like no one you ever saw or will ever see!


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Bizarre and outlandish, Dali often took part in performances pieces that were despised by critics. But, whatever he made sold like hot cakes. Today, he is recognized as one of the greatest surrealists that ever lived.