Salesman Lets Homeless Kids Watch Their Fav Show On The Display TV Outside The Store

With multiple cases of rape, molestation, racism, and other societal malice being reported every day, it’s pretty difficult to believe that there’s some humanity and kindness left in people around us.

Hence, to not let you lose hope and encourage you to not break the chain of kindness in this corrupted world, we bring to you a video that’s going to restore your faith in humankind.

Taking to Twitter, a user named Gautam Trivedi shared a video of a store in-charge letting homeless kids watch their favorite show on the display TV at the electronics shop.

In the video, one can see how the man shuffles between shows so that the two little homeless girls sitting in front of the big TV screen outside the store can choose what they want to see. The girls even point out the cartoon show they want to watch when the salesman asked for their preference.

Sharing the video, Trivedi wrote:

“Store incharge let’s homeless street kids choose what to watch on the display TV every evening.”


The video gained a lot of traction online for all the right reasons. This is how people online reacted to watching this sweet gesture of the man.

In a world where there are people who disrespect those unfortunate ones who aren’t as privileged as them, it’s people like this salesman who balance their cruel acts with their affection and warmth.

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