Desis Online Debate If A Salaried Job Is The Perfect Way To Achieve Your Dreams

Social media is filled with posts telling people to quit their 9-5 jobs, follow their passion and start something on their own. Often, the idea of a salaried job is shown in a negative light and ‘hustle culture’ is glorified. Social media shows you the bright side of owning a business – tremendous income, foreign trips, luxury cars, a mansion to live in, etc.

What it doesn’t often show are the multiple risks that go behind building a company, the massive pressure of building something from scratch and a good amount of investment. While social media does highlight the many entrepreneurs who have succeeded, it barely talks about the million others who failed.

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Speaking of which, people online have been talking about the various advantages of having a fixed salaried job. Contrary to popular opinion, many expressed how a salaried job comes with benefits, leaves, a fixed income, and peace of mind. It’s also highlighted that one can very well achieve their dreams with a salaried job, if they plan right.

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Some spoke about building one’s wealth by smartly investing a portion of their salary on assets.

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Some also expressed that risk-taking, an ability essential to building a business, is a privilege not everyone is blessed with.

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There were also some people who said that living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t always guarantee a good life and that other sources of income are helpful in such cases.

Different people have different dreams, needs, and responsibilities. For some, starting their own business may work. For others, a salaried job works just fine. To each their own.

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