“Is There Any Privacy Left?” Sakshi Thrashes Minister Ravi Shankar On Dhoni’s Aadhaar Leak


So, Aadhaar card is mandatory and Twitter has already done its job of producing befitting memes for people to like and retweet. While the debate on its implementation and implications has kept the parliament occupied, Twitterverse is busy at-the-rating for/against (mostly against) the mandate.

Trying to repair that, the official Twitter handle of CSC (Common Services Centre) e-governance services–the agency helping the Unique Identification Authority of India to implement Aadhaar–tweeted out a glorious moment that featured former Indian Captain, M.S Dhoni updating his Aadhaar details in a home visit. But the PR stint turned out to be a nightmare for Dhoni when the agency attached the picture of Dhoni’s application alongside. 

Evidently, this didn’t go well with Sakshi Dhoni, wife of M.S Dhoni, who took to Twitter and apprised Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad who was tagged in the tweet by the agency. Sakshi however, reprimanded Shankar on his personal tweet of the same. 

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It all started when Ravi Shankar tweeted,


To which Sakshi replied with disappointment.



The confused minister who as apparently not aware of the callousness tweeted saying,


It was then when Sakshi informed him about the grave breach of privacy! 

The photo pointed out by Sakshi has now been removed by the agency but this just goes to show the lack of responsibility with which the officials executed the job.


Shankar, who also holds the ministry of Information and Technology portfolio, however, resented the leak and assured action against the breach.

But the harm is done, isn’t it? This is now, wonder what more Aadhaar adversities are in store!

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