BJP Member Sakshi Maharaj Makes Stupid Remark, “Nepal Earthquake Due To Rahul Gandhi”

While the whole world is fanatically trying to help, evacuate, support and rebuild Nepal after more than 3000+ people lost their lives to the devastating earthquake that rocked the country, there would always be few insensitive people making nonsensical remarks.

BJP members Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi blamed Rahul Gandhi for Nepal’s earthquake. His reason: Rahul Gandhi eats beef & then visits religious shrines without purifying himself. Hence, he provoked the earthquake.

via Reddit

Sounds legit, right?


It’s worth reminding that he’s the same guy who made the controversial statement that Hindu women should have 4 kids to protect the religion. He also wants death penalty for cow slaughter.

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Dear Maharaj, if you can’t help, we would appreciate if you can keep your mouth shut.

News source: Times of India, New Delhi

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