Female Celebs Slam ‘Big Boss’ For Bringing #MeToo Accused Sajid Khan As Contestant On The Show

In 2018, at the peak of the #MeToo movement in India, several female actors including Saloni Chopra, Priyanka Bose, Aahana Kamra, and Sherlyn Chopra accused Bollywood biggie Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and misconduct. They had put forth shocking allegations and were supported by bigger female actors like Bipasha Basu and Dia Mirza.

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These incidents took place when Sajid Khan was directing ‘Houseful 4’. Following social media outrage, he stepped down as the director of the film and since then, he has been kept out of the public radar.

However, recently, he emerged as one of the contestants in Big Boss season 16. It is downright deplorable to see a #MeToo accused being given such a huge national platform while the female actors who accused him of harassment continue to struggle to find decent work.

According to DNA, Urfi Javed took to Instagram to call out the makers of the show for ‘supporting’ sexual predators.


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“Bigg Boss, why would you do that? When you support sexual pedators, you’re actually telling them that it’s okay what they have done. These men need to know this behaviour is not okay and they cannot get away with it. Stop working with sexual predators! It’s not controversial, it’s just disgraceful! Sajid Khan never apologised for what he did! Imagine what the girls he harassed must be feeling? So you don’t really have to worry because even if you harass multiple women you will still get to be on the biggest show in India!! Controversy ke liye aap har cheez thode support karenge! #Colors stop supporting sexual predators!” she wrote.

According to Hindustan Times, Iranian actress and model Mandana Karimi said that such incidents are the reason why the #MeToo movement doesn’t bring about change in many countries.

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“To be honest, I’m not surprised to see him back in the spotlight. For people, life has become like I will put my head under the sand. If it is going to benefit me, and I can make money, then who cares? That shows why the MeToo movement in India and many other countries didn’t really reach anywhere. It was just a few women, they came, they spoke and that was it. What is the action? Who is boycotting these people? Nothing is going to happen. Because we are talking about the bigger industry, which is a place where someone is someone’s mom, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband. It’s like you, you scratch my back, and I will scratch your back,” she said.

‘Remove Sajid Khan’ has been trending on Twitter as many people, including actors, singers, and film critics, have been reminding people of the horrors that the #MeToo accused put women through. Have a look:

People urge women to ‘out’ sexual predators but when they finally do so, what difference does it make?

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