Saif Ali Khan & Bebo Talk About Modern Marriages, Say ‘Role Play’ Keeps The Spark Alive

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor got into matrimony in 2012 after they fell in love on the sets of their 2008 movie ‘Tashan’. And four years later, B-town’s royal couple was graced with a baby boy, Taimur Ali Khan. The ever so charming Saif and the bubbly Kareena have never shied away from expressing their love for each other in the public eye.

Recently, the ‘Sacred Games’ actor made an appearance on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s radio show, ‘What Women Want’ for their Valentine’s special. And the duo had a really interesting conversation about their take on modern marriages, reported HT.

Kareena kick-started the conversation by asking ‘Saifu’, “how important it is to define roles in a marriage?” To which he responded, “It ends up happening, ideally. I know people who are happy living by themselves. But people who have chosen to share life with a partner tend to find roles.”

“People say you marry somebody you can’t be. The next closest thing to having that in your life is to marry it.”

“In our case, there are certain things you are so much better organised with doing, and then there are certain things I can add some value to. So it works out like that.”

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Speaking about people who idolize Saif and Bebo as the perfect couple, he says, “Idolizing is a dangerous thing. People should be respected for what they are known for. Idolize is a really strong word and I don’t think people really know what goes into a relationship.”

“If you want to idolize someone, more than movie stars, you probably should idolize the non-famous person next door who manages to send their kids to school, who has a nice, balanced middle-class life.”

He added that Virat and Anushka look really nicely balanced together.

Kareena then asked Saif what according to him is that one mistake that should never be done in a marriage? “Broadly speaking, disrespect, very specifically, don’t be unfaithful. That’s pretty much a relationship destroyer,” responds Saif.

When quizzed what’s the one thing that couples should do to keep the spark in their marriage alive, Saif immediately responds ‘role play’, making Bebo speechless. He adds, “If you have slightly different things to do, if there is a little bit of freshness when you meet at the end of the day or after a couple of days if you have some new ideas to swap, it works”

“I think repetition and a mundane kind of existence is a bit worrying for everybody because any long-term relationship can get a bit repetitive.”

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He also adds that it’s too much pressure on keeping the spark alive. “It’s a really scary thing. Like Woody Allen said, ‘I can’t keep up the same level of charm for 10 years. I’ll have a heart attack.’ It’s okay. Sometimes, you have to find ways to keep your own spark alive,” he said.

Saif also divulged that “Laziness is a villain generally in life, you know. People say ‘Love is a verb’ and it’s something that has to be shown in practice. Even if you don’t feel like it and you go and pick someone up from the airport once in a while, it just makes things nicer.” To which Bebo funnily responds, “You should do that as well.”

Talking about maintaining the balance between personal and professional life, he says, “People have compared marriage to a base camp and if you want to climb mountains, you need a good base camp before you climb. But if you spend all your time climbing mountains, there will be no base camp left,” he said. When asked what has he learnt from his parent’s marriage, he says:

“The fact that you can be really different in your interest and career choices and passion and at the same time have really healthy relationship and be committed to each other and absorb each other’s life.”

On the work front, Saif will be next seen in Mukesh Chhabra’s next ‘Dil Bechara’ while Kareena is gearing up for ‘Takht’ directed by Karan Johar.

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