“I Am Just An Underpaid Actor”, Saif Speaks Of How He Got Himself Out Of A ‘Ditch’ Mentally

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has often been in the limelight for his statements, from comparing acting during Covid-19 to “almost like working at a hospital” to saying that his film would portray the character of Raavan as “humane”.

In a recent interview, Saif talked about the importance role that work has played in his life, especially after being in a ditch mentally and professionally, HT reports. He also made an interesting statement while speaking about director Ali Abbas Zafar whom he has known since the film ‘Tashan’.

He explained, “Honestly, I believe I have worked very hard. I was in a bit of a ditch, mentally and professionally. I managed to get out of that. It is like climbing a mountain. I feel like I am on base camp 1 and we have made progress but there is a long way to go. The ropes are set, the boots are tied, and we have got our sights on the hill and we are climbing.”

On the second innings of his career, Saif said, “It is a nice place to be. It has not been particularly easy. The work has been fab, a lot of people have been super supportive and it’s nice. Because it is the only thing that has gotten me out of that feeling. Just by working hard and choosing the right scripts. People have also supported me by offering me those parts.”

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Further talking about Ali, Saif continued, “Ali likes to play sports on sets, and that is good I think because then you are looked at not just as the hierarchy of a film set. Like we played cricket on sets of Tandav, and thanks to that you being to see the gaffer or the lights men as a good left handed opening batsmen or a good leg spinner, it changes your vibe and it is wonderful. So I think Ali is the real Nawab in Tandav, I am just an underpaid actor.”

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