Saif Ali Khan Is Underrated, Here Are 8 Times He Was Cooler Than Other Bollywood Celebs

One of the things that I have learnt about Saif Ali Khan is that there are many things to learn from him. Even though there have been times when the actor was criticized and called out for making tone-deaf statements, there have also been instances where was lauded for calling a spade a spade.

At a time when many celebrities refrain from expressing their views, Saif Ali Khan doesn’t hold back. These 8 candid statements by the actor make me think that he is way wiser and cooler than he lets out!

1. Saif on death and the relevance of art.

2. When asked about how he feels when people idolize Bollywood celebrities, he said:

3. The way he credits Amrita Singh for directing him towards the right path at the beginning of his career proves separation doesn’t need to be bitter.

4. Debunking the whole ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’ analogy!

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5. When asked about men looking for qualities of their mothers in the women they love, Saif said:

6. Addressing being privileged, Saif pressed on the importance of creating a balance.

7. On the importance of drawing a line between ‘stardom’ and ‘reality’, the actor expressed:

8. Instead of talking about how to keep the spark alive in a marriage, he indirectly taught us the importance of self-love!

What an incredible mind this man has!

Pictures source: YouTube.

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