Sagarika’s Wedding Reunited Preeti-Komal And We’re Getting “Dikha De Uss Launde Ko” Vibes!

My basketball coach used to say the full form of TEAM is ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’! And being a sportsperson I have learned that it is indeed true. And you know what, the strongest friendships are those we make while playing together. Be it truly playing together or acting in a movie like you are!

And talking about movies and sports there’s one that comes to mind before all the others- Chak De! India.

The two arch-rivals in the movie, Komal Chautala and Preeti Sabarwal were team India’s forwards who didn’t look eye-to-eye.

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One was a fiery Haryanvi with a Hockey stick to be tackled with and the other was the glamourous captain of the Chandigarh team who wasn’t used to tryouts or of being benched.

Always competing for the title of the highest scorer the two almost loathed each other. But all this changed when Komal says “Dikha de uss launde ko” and lets Preeti make the last goal!

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And obviously, Preeti reciprocates the favour by requesting “Coach Sir” aka SRK if Komal could take her penalty stroke.

Off the field and off the film set, Preeti (Sagarika Ghatge) and Komal (Chitrashi Rawat) are actually very friendly. On Sagarika’s wedding to cricketer, Zaheer Khan Chitrashi was there and in the groove!

The two looked gorgeous in their resplendent outfits. Sagarika wore Sabyasachi lehenga and Chitrashi wore peach Pallavi Goyal lehenga.

Another Chak De star who was present at the function was Vidya Malvade who played the team captain Vidya Sharma.

Vidya and Sagarika are best friends and she was there for every function as a part of the bride’s squad.

The “Vidya Sharma, India” girl and Komal Chautala look drop-dead-gorgeous beaming and beautiful!

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I’m pretty sure it was SRK’s “sattar minute” speech that got all the team members to reach this level of camaraderie!

And here’s a picture of Sagarika, Chitrashi and Arya Menon who was the costume designer for the movie!

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And in true Bollywood fashion, Vidya and Chitrashi took over the dance floor and twirled to the tunes of The Humma Song! But I mean, is it really your friend’s wedding if you don’t kick off your shoes and break a leg?

And as a final treat, we have something very special for you.

It’s been 10 years since the movie released and that’s how the actors have metamorphasised.

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The only irony here is Preeti did finally marry the cricketer launda, LOL!

But, we’re super stoked for Sagarika and Zaheer! Chak De!

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