Sadhvis Forcing ‘Pretty Girls’ To Fulfil Ram Rahim’s Sexual Desires Is Majorly F**ked Up

Despite being behind bars, Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan is still a hot topic of discussion in media and in households. With each passing minute, there’s some new gory detail about Pitaji that comes to light and shocks us further.

In the name of purifying young girls and granting them Pitaji’s maafi, Ram Rahim used to rape young sadhvis and school girls; he also had a secret passage linking his gufa to the girl’s hostel gate.

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But by far is the most f**ked up piece of information we have heard is that a few of his trusted sadhvis used to pick out young, beautiful girls aka ‘shahi betiyaan’ for him. They used to even force the girls to have sex with Pitaji and fulfil his sexual fantasies.

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An India Today report read,

Gurmeet Ram Rahim not only abused girls, but also enjoyed consensual sex with some senior female followers, who were close to him and lived the way he wanted. Later, they became his trusted henchwomen and started luring other innocent women for him. It is also alleged that some politicians and officials were also regulars at Dera Sacha Sauda and were pleased with wine, women, and money.”


Sat Brahamcharinis or his henchwomen (vishkanyas) did what he asked them to do and brought him girls every night to satisfy his needs.

How sick is that?


Not only that these women even kept the other girls in check, who were not allowed to divulge whatever happened inside the gufa. If caught doing so they were tortured and were made to starve for 24 hours or more. Gurdas Singh Toor told India Today,

There was a big room which was called the ‘Man Sudhar Kamra’ (mind improvement room) near room number 50, which was used to torture the rape victims and the girls who refused to enter the Gufa. The victim was asked to sit on a chair and then a group of women (henchwomen) would come and thrash her. A similar punishment was meted out to the male followers. Their faces were blackened and they were paraded on donkeys when caught staring at girls.”


Dera followers were put into two groups — beautiful and attractive ones were chosen to guard the cave, cook his food and maintain the gufa in addition to satiating Pitaji’s physical needs; and the other group was in charge of cleanliness, housekeeping, and other tasks.

This is so messy. And what’s even worse is that women behaved robot-like and couldn’t feel another woman’s pain or hear their screams. They forced young girls into Baba’s gufa and brainwashed them into taking care of that self-styled Godman’s sexual fantasies and needs. Sick!

Can it all get murkier and worse than this? We all know the answer.