Desis Share Stories Of The Sacrifices Their Dads Made To Give Them A Comfortable Life

Growing up most of us would have had so many complaints against our parents. It would annoy us if they wouldn’t buy us the trendiest school bags or the coolest pencil box. Not taking us on an outing every week would make us fierce and not having enough gifts on our birthday would mean the end of the world.

But it’s only after we ggrow up, enough to understand life, that we realize that they did the best they could to give us a comfortable life and make us independent.

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A man on Reddit recently shared how he was proud of his father for giving him and his sibling the best life by making several sacrifices in his life. In a long post, the grown-up man penned that he cried on realizing that despite having close to no money, his uneducated dad made them educated enough to earn a good living at a large corporation.

In the Reddit thread, he wrote:

“We were going through all of our documents before leaving the house for the bank, and my father asked me to take his current address passbook because it might come in handy, so I was going through all of his passbooks when I came across one of his old 5-6 year passbooks, and out of curiosity, I simply checked the statements printed and what I saw really shattered my heart.

All of the closing statements were less than 8000 – 9000 rs. All of the transactions were for less than 200 or 300 rupees, and they happened over the course of a month.nI started crying because I couldn’t control my tears.

I wasn’t working 5 years ago, and I used to have arguments with him about “why do you save so much?” “What’s the point of this?” For the record, I was never one to ask or force my parents to buy me anything, but they tried their best. Today, what I saw was enough to convince me why he was so serious about the financial aspect. I’m so glad he taught me good money management; now I understand why he always preferred to travel by bus rather than rickshaw or taxi. Now I understand why we never went out to eat once a month. Everything seemed clear to me now.

Today, I work for a large corporation and earn a good living; my brother also earns good. We are now very well off, all because he made all of this possible with the little money he had.

My father doesn’t have any bad habits, he is uneducated, so couldn’t get a good income and my relatives sucked the blood and money out of him, but still he did what he can. From today, I understood the true meaning of everything he said about life and money.

I am really proud of him. (sic)

Reading his ordeal made everyone remember the times when their parents made sacrifices so that they could grow up comfortably. Take a look at some of the similar stories:

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Responsibilities never had them realize their dreams.

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Anything to educate the kids.

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We never realize the pains of parenting until we have our own kids.

A lot of people were overwhelmed on reading this heartwarming post:

We all, at some point, have been rude to our parents without knowing the reason behind their behavior. If you resonate with this, go give them a tight hug, or best, plan a nice dinner for them at home. They’ll remember that forever!

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