Sabyasachi Drops ‘The India Tote’ That’s Way Too Large In Size, Internet Rains Jokes

When it comes to sarees and lehengas, designer Sabyasachi Mukerjee does a remarkable job. The intricate embroidery, the colours, and the entire look of his traditional wear collection are a class apart. But it becomes a problem when Sabya ventures into other domains. His collaboration with H&M is a classic example. Overpriced, underwhelming, and impractical – that is what his collaboration was.

However, now Sabyasachi has come up with a collection of tote bags which he proudly calls ‘The India Tote’. Tote bags are not that difficult to nail. They are either rectangular or boat-shaped large bags with two traps and a large storage capacity.

But Sabya’s tote bags, even though some look gorgeous, have no structure and are way too large for normal people to carry. I mean, am I supposed to carry my entire house in this?

There is this running joke amongst people that women carry the entire world in their bags, starting from their wallets to a hairbrush and everything in between. But trust me when I say this, our ‘world’ isn’t that large.

Imagine keeping this on a chair. There’s no way it can hold its structure, is there?

Sharing pictures of the collection, Sabya wrote, “The wisdom and beauty of India lies at the cusp of memory and modernity. It’s what drives me to make by hand, ignore trend, conserve endangered crafts and create a living heritage that can be passed down from one generation to the next. The India Tote is made in homage to India’s incredible legacy of heritage crafts and textiles.”

Here’s a look at Sabya’s Instagram post:


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On the other hand, people online were ready with hilarious jokes! While some said that this bag is enough to hold a dead body inside (imagine!), others said that this is the realistic representation of ‘boria bistar’!

Would you ever buy something like this?

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