‘My Nani Wears It’ Twitter Calls Out Sabyasachi’s Saree Costing ₹9,999 From Collab With H&M

One of the most sought after designers in the country, Sabyasachi has unfortunately ruffled the feathers of desis with his latest collection. The brand offered people a quick look at its upcoming H&M collection on Instagram. However, people had a lot to say about it and complained that the designer had nothing new to offer but ruined a classic.

The first design was a saree from Sabyasachi X H&M collection and many opined that it was an overpriced version of a saree in their nani’s closet. Take a look-

Additionally, TOI reports suggest that an Indian-American content creator even took to Instagram to call out Sabya’s move, saying,

“I’m disappointed in Sabyasachi for collaborating with H&M while his karigars ( who I thought he valued greatly) sit by and watch as their designs are cheaply mass produced. I hope they’re getting a cut. I hope he knows who is actually being employed in the H&M supply chain for this line. “

Well, here’s what others online had to say about the saree costing almost Rs 10,000. 

Then there was the men’s design, a kurta that we may have often seen at local stores selling cotton-soft kurta material.

Do you have one of these feather-soft sarees tucked away in the back of your mom’s closet?

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