Woman Smuggles 2 Kg Gold By Taping It To Shoes, Gets Busted When She Walks Weirdly


We’ve heard a lot of bizarre cases of people trying to smuggle things from one country to another. Earlier, a French couple was caught carrying 40 kgs of sand from the Sardinian beach in Italy. Very often, these people employ unusual methods to avoid detection like the man carrying 900 grams of drugs stuffed in peanut shells. Which is why customs officers are always vigilant and on the lookout for anyone acting suspiciously.

According to NDTV, authorities busted a Russian woman at a customs post in eastern Siberia and found eight pieces of gold taped into her shoes. The 1.9 kg of gold was estimated to be worth 5 million rubles (Rs.56 lakh).

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Customs officers were tipped off by her strange walk and nervous demeanor. News18 quoted Marina Boiko, a spokeswoman for Russian customs saying,

“The young woman unnaturally placed one foot in front of the other. The ingots had been attached to the insoles of her shoes with duct tape.”

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A criminal case has been filed against the woman because she didn’t furnish proper documents for the gold bars. Authorities believe that the ingots were illegally made and being smuggled out on behalf of a Chinese citizen.

What’s the most bizarre or unusual smuggling attempt you’ve heard of? Ours has to be traffickers using homing pigeons to carry out their illegal deeds.

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