Rupali Ganguly Reveals Her Husband Took Break From Work So She Could Pursue Career

We know of multiple women who have left their jobs to look after their families after marriage or tagged along with their husbands when they got a transfer at their jobs. However, stories of husbands taking a step back and supporting their wives while they soar in their careers have been coming to light, and it delightful to see how times are changing!

Rupali Ganguly, who made a massive comeback on television after a 7-year break with the show ‘Anupamaa’, recently spoke about how her husband Ashwin Verma took a break from his work so that she could pursue her career.

News18 quoted Rupali saying:

“After I quit ‘Parvarrish’ due to my pregnancy, I was busy with my home and my child (Rudransh). I enjoyed every moment of it. However, when Rajan Shahi approached me for this show, the actor in me got greedy. When I spoke to my husband about it, he told me that I hadn’t got my due as an artist and said, ‘You should take it up and make us proud’. He took a break from his work so that I could get back to acting. In short, he gave me the wings to fly.”

To be a female actor in her 40s and to make a comeback in an industry that constantly searches for younger talent is tough. Speaking about it, Rupali said:

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“To be 40-plus and not have a 26-inch waist when you’re playing the lead can be challenging at times. I always wondered if it would work. I still can’t believe it’s happening to me and hope the bubble doesn’t burst.”

Kudos to Ashwin Verma for being a huge support for Rupali Ganguly and an inspiration for other men!

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