Rupali Ganguly Celebrates Milestone With Doggos! Brings Special Dog-Cake For Them, Watch

People tend to celebrate their achievements with families and friends. While some throw a party, pop a bottle of champagne and eat cake, a few others are content with a more low-key celebration. However, actor Rupali Ganguly, who is making strides with her role as ‘Anupamaa’, celebrated an important milestone with her furry friends!

Rupali Ganguly recently touched 2 million followers on Instagram. So she decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing a cake specially baked (not sweet and vegetarian) for dogs. She shared a video on Instagram wherein she is seen cutting the cake while the cute doggos surround her. She goes on to feed them the treat and kiss them on their forehead.

“Every milestone I achieve, I believe their blessings are a huge reason for it…my fur babies who are an integral part of my life, have to be a part of it..! As most of you know working for these innocent voiceless and homeless is my true purpose in life. They have taught me the values of unconditional love, loyalty and just being there quietly when someone needs u the most! Hence what better way to celebrate this milestone than getting a doggie cake for them,” she wrote.

She also mentioned that the cake is specially baked for the dogs and has no sugar.

Have a look at the video here:


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While her fans congratulated her, they also lauded her for treating the doggos so kindly.

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The video is so pure it melted my heart! :’)

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