Here Are The Royal Attendees At The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

royal wedding

It’s happening, fellas! The royal wedding of Prince Harry and moments-from-becoming-duchess Meghan Markle is happening as we speak.

And while our eyes are glued at the aisle, waiting to catch a glimpse of the lovebirds, we can’t help but admire the way that takes us all to Windsor castle, the rich colours and the guests who have worn them.

And hey, we are here to share. Presenting all the royal attendees at the royal wedding!

1. Serena Williams and hubby Alexis Ohanian have reached the venue.

2. And so have George and Amal Clooney!

Is she not glowing?

3. Oh my, my. David Beckham has arrived and how!

He was accompanied by wife and beauty, Victoria Beckham!

4. Yay! It’s Oprah.

5. There she comes… Our very own desi girl, Priyanka Chopra.

Killing it in the lilac dress and hat!

6. Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Specter is here too!

7. And so is Sarah Rafferty. You know, Dona?

8. Someone say, Jessica?

9. How can Meghan’s reel-life husband give it a miss? Welcome, Patrick J. Adams!

10. The entire gang!

11. Pipa Middleton and James Matthew look perfect.

12. All smiles!

13. James Corden with his lovely wife.

14. Love the hat on Lady Kitty Spencer.

We will keep you posted with more pictures. Stay tuned!

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