J. K Rowling Finally Apologises For Killing Severus Snape And It’s What We ‘ALWAYS’ Wanted!

I don’t know about you but Harry Potter and its magical world has taught me more than any book could have ever done. And no, I’ll never agree that it was just fiction. Rather it was the story of every friendship that bloomed with Harry, Ron and Hermione’s and every saga that taught us- good triumphs bad!

However, the pen that wrote all that also wrote deaths our beloved characters, who lost lives in the battle of Hogwarts, fighting the dark lord Voldemort! On another note would you believe if I say it’s been ten years since the war in 1998? Well, it is, and J. K Rowling has just made it even more nostalgic for us fans by apologising for a death, I personally never forgave her for. 

She finally took to Twitter and apologised for killing Severus Snape. She wrote, 

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Needless to say, it opened a gate of emotion, overflowing from all directions!

1. It ooooh does!




3. It does! 


4. *brb*



5. For so long now! 

Is it only me, or eyes are just moist right now! This was long coming, Rowling. Thank you for this!

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