5 Signs You’re The ‘Ross Geller’ In Your Office

Ross Geller.

It’s a shame that one of the most iconic TV series characters of all time is remembered mostly as the guy who can’t get his bride’s name right during his wedding ceremony or the guy who screams ‘We Were On A Break’ just as frequently as we say ‘Hello’. Because there is one aspect of Ross’s life which deserves credit:

As far as his career is concerned, he has the most stable job and he earns more than the others from the beginning. There, I said it.

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If you look at Ross’s career graph from the beginning, you’ll notice a few positive personality traits which helped him sky-rocket through his career and if you have them too, then it’s a sign that you’re the ‘Ross Geller’ in your office!

1. Never settling for a lesser career option.

Ross goes from studying Palaeontology because of his intense love for dinosaurs to pursuing a PhD on the same to working at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History, to bagging a job as a Guest Lecturer in NYU, to becoming a full-time professor, to finally getting tenure at the university. And in the field of academia, getting tenure is a HUGE deal! Hence, he managed to take up better and better opportunities.

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2. Always moving forward.

Ross had committed the embarrassing mistake of ‘I Ross, take thee Rachel’ while he was an employee of the museum. After his divorce from Emily, he suffered from anger issues for which he got a sabbatical from work. However, he didn’t take a step back and cry in grief. And honestly, if I were to be divorced AND get a sabbatical from work, I would have delved deep into a massive existential crisis. Ross only kept moving forward, and how!

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3. Always willing to learn more.

Ross is someone who can attend numerous Palaeontology seminars without ever getting bored. He can sit through “4 hours in a freezing museum auditorium hearing Professor Petain talk about a bone that proved a particular dinosaur had wings but couldn’t fly”. He is forever curious about dinosaurs and there is never an end to learning for him!

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4. Not caring about how ‘boring’ your friends think you are or anyone else’s opinion about your passion/job.

Let’s face it, Ross has been the butt of numerous mean jokes from his friends due to his love for dinosaurs. But he doesn’t care if his job isn’t cool enough for his friends. He doesn’t care if anyone else doesn’t like him watching The Discovery Channel. Because what finally matters is who powered ahead in life  and who did not.

Watch the video below to know what I mean:

5. Choosing your passion over anything else.

Remember how Ross was asked to choose between sex and dinosaurs? He couldn’t make a choice! That’s how difficult it is for him to let go of the thing he loves, even for something essential! A ‘Ross Geller’ will always choose his/her passion over anything else in the world because that’s what gives them the most happiness and makes them unique.

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In a world where the pandemic has completely changed the course of things, moving forward, learning more and more, and increasing our skillset (basically being a ‘Ross Geller’) is the only way to stay relevant and irreplaceable in the job market.

One, and probably the only, way to do so is to learn new skills that are in demand right now and Great Learning is a great place to start! It offers online courses in various fields which run for a span of a few months to a year. Which means you can now sit amidst the comfort of your home and upskill, because jo seekhta hai, wahi aage badhta hai.

So, here’s to all the ‘Ross Gellers’ of the world for always learning, always remaining curious, and powering ahead in their careers! 🚀

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