Twitter Searches For ‘Rosie’ To Tell Her That Her BF Is Cheating On Her With Her Sister

My favourite thing that happens on Twitter is when people rally together to help someone out. There have been struggling local vendors who are now seeing better days, friends and family members who have reunited, and underprivileged kids who have received financial help because of kind people on the internet.

However, now, people are looking for a particular Rosie who stays in Uxbridge, England, to let her know that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her sister Ellie.

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One Twitter user @danstille tweeted that she was sitting opposite to the guy and Ellie in an underground metro where she heard them talk.

After her tweet started to blow up, she further posted details of the boyfriend and Ellie – basically physical descriptions of the two so that the correct Rosie is able to identify that her boyfriend is a cheater and her sister is evil.

The tweet has managed to unite Twitter globally and has over 18,000 retweets. People are trying to find Rosie and are leaving words of encouragement for her, most of them being that she deserves better. Have a look:

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Imagine how hard would it be for Rosie if she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her from the internet! But she truly deserves better.

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