Meet Roshan Abdul Rahoof, The Adorable Guy Who Blushed At Priya Varrier’s Wink

It was a usual (dreadful) Monday morning for the entire nation and then Priya Paraksh Varrier happened. It was followed by a wink, that melted hearts and made every sakht launda week in the knees.

That and a million dollar smile that let her walk straight into our hearts. Phir kya? Countless fan accounts, 2.4 million (and counting) strong Instafam and a fandom that is growing by the minute, Priya is breaking her own records and how!


But hey, there is someone without whom she wouldn’t have been the overnight viral sensation, she is today!

If you haven’t guessed it already, please allow me to introduce you to the guy who made Priya wink- Roshan Abdul Rahoof. 

roshan abdul


No, I’m not taking away from Priya’s oh-so-good expressions that left many wounded (including yours truly), but the way Roshan blushes makes me giggle like I’m in school. And I know it for a fact that I’m not the only one.

If you need a help with your memory, here’s the clip that has us hooked. HOOKED. 

Thank you for all the love and support💙

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Needless to say, there are a lot of peeps who share my sentiment because even Roshan has around 304k followers and a growing fanbase.

He even took to Insta and thanked his supporters for the love. He wrote. 

“Thank you, everyone, for your love that you have been showing us and I don’t know what more to say because it makes me feel happier than ever when you all took it close to hearts. ?

“Oru Adaar Love” This title itself says more romance to come.So keep supporting and spread the love.”

He even thanked his direct, Omar Lulu who gave him the opportunity to become a national sweetheart. 

The man behind that magical scene ❤️ @omar_lulu_ #oruadaarlove

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“Omar Lulu, the man behind this magic and the entire team that encouraged me to do this magic on the screen. Love you people.” #oruadaarlove

In fact, Roshan who calls himself an ‘actor, performer, dancer and dreamer’ is on his way to a blue-tick profile. 

Now, while fame touched his feet in a rather unimaginable and quick feat, the young talent is full of spirit and these pictures are proof. 

1. Hey, there!


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2. Head held high.

3. Never a dull moment, we’re guessing.

Smile. #roshanabdulrahoof

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4. See the shine on the face?

5. Unmissable, here.

Eeee @hazisid #igers #tbt #follow #followers #mallugram #smile #model

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Okay, now I have made my point. Now you can go back to watching the video again (cause, I’m going to).

Also, a loud shoutout to his silent friend.