Mom Finds Daughter’s ‘Rolling Paper’, She Convinced Her That They’re Sticky Notes

If you grew up in a desi household, chances are that your mom cleaned your room after you left for school, college or work. But the problem is that our rooms should be forbidden territories for our moms because, in it, she’ll find our deepest and darkest secrets – journals, love letters, gifts, weed, condoms…you get the gist.

If ever one of these things falls into the hands of our mother, prepare to receive a flying chappal coming your way.


But that’s what happened with a girl who ordered rolling paper online and it fell into the hands of her mother. If you don’t know what ‘rolling paper’ is, it’s the stuff you roll the ‘stuff’ in and later smoke it.

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To save herself, she convinced her mom that they are sticky notes and even wrote down a short grocery list on one of them!

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“Mom received my rolling paper order from instamart and now i’m convincing her it’s sticky notes,” she tweeted.

Have a look:

Responding to her tweet, several others shared stories of the times when they got caught and how they managed to hide it from their parents. The reactions are hilarious! Have a look:

Has something like this ever happened to you?

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