10 Things That Would Happen If Rohit Shetty Made ‘Interstellar Part 2’

Yes, only a genius can come up with and execute a plot as complicated as Interstellar, and hats off to Nolan for that. But it takes a different kind of genius to have no plot to begin with and still manage to woo the audience with three hours of singing, dancing ,drama and flying SUVs.

Rohit Shetty, the unchallenged king of Bollywood’s 100 crore club, is also the uncrowned prince of sequels. He probably makes the first movie so that he can make the sequels, given as they are never the least bit related (**coughGolmaalcough**). So, if he were to make the sequel to Interstellar, here are a few things one can expect.

1. It’ll be set in a world where the laws of Physics don’t apply

Image source

Basically, all his films.


2. Be sure to find flying cars instead of spaceships

Image source

Who needs a spacecraft when you have a Scorpio?


3. Over the top singing and dancing, but in space

Image source

Entertainment is important.


4. Blinding bright coloured spacesuits


Which can be spotted from the earth, hence making it easier to track the astronauts. See, it wasn’t just loud for no reason. It was required by the ‘script’.


5. Matthew McConaughey – Ajay Devgn

Img src 1, Img src 2

Because you need someone who can stand on the Scorpio instead of sitting in and driving like a normal person.


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6. Anne Hathaway – Kareena Kapoor

Img src 1, Img src 2



7. TARS and CASE – Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade

Img src 1, Img src 2

The complimentary ‘supporting actors’ need to be there, be it as metallic boxes.


8. Aliens with dialogues like, “Yeh meri galaxy hai aur main yahan ka Jaykant Shikre”

Img src 1, Img src 2

For the lulz.


9. Bulky badass space goons

Image source

Which the hero can beat up in the end, before travelling back to the deserted planet to be united with the ‘heroine’. Which was a pretty Bollywood thing to do, even in Nolan’s version.


10. And finally, a tribute to a random movie

Image source

It has to be a tribute to some movie which has nothing in common with this one except for the lead actor and a random object, say, trains.

Because anything is possible when it’s Bollywood, and when it’s Rohit Shetty.

What do you think the film would be like? Tell us.

Cover Image: Rohit Shetty, Interstellar

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