Rohit Sharma Gesturing “You Are Strong” To Jadeja Is All The Solace We Need After WC Defeat

Indians often set their emotions to World Cup, and watch the games with patriotic passion. And despite India’s loss in the recent semi-final match against New Zealand, India has shown tremendous sportsman spirit and vigor in its gameplay. While his game was still on, Rohit Sharma gestured something to Ravindra Jadeja from the dressing room, that melted our hearts.

While the match was still going, and Ravindra Jadeja stood on the pitch scoring runs amidst falling wickets, Rohit Sharma made a gesture to him saying “You’re Strong”. He clearly intended to show support to his team-mate while he played.

Jadeja arrived to join Dhoni in the middle-order, when India was at a low of 92/6. His arrival on the crease brought a ray of hope for the entire country, as he reduced the vast gap between the remaining overs and required runs. The moment he crossed 50, while everyone cheered and celebrated everyone noticed Rohit’s Sharma’s reaction.

Pointing towards the man of the hour and pointing at his arm-flex, Sharma signaled “You are strong”. Everyone acknowledge that this was indeed the best moment of the match.

This is what support looks like. And even though Team India lost the match, Jadeja ended up playing the strongest in India’s inning. He had to prove his worth on the team to a lot of people, and we think he did.