Rohit Sharma’s Flying Bat Gave Birth To A Spate Of Memes You’ve Got To See!

Our men in blue may have disappointed Indian cricket supporters for once after losing to Australia in the fifth ODI at Delhi. However, yesterday’s match also offered comic relief, as ace batsman Rohit Sharma’s comical episode on the cricket pitch left fans and Twitterati in splits of laughter.

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It all began when Sharma decided to go big on a delivery that was incidentally bowled by Adam Zampa. Sharma stepped out of the crease to hit the ball only for the delivery to malfunction terribly.

The bat swung out of his hand and the ball flew to the Aussie wicketkeeper- Alex Carey. Carey didn’t miss a beat and promptly stumped Sharma. In the process, Sharma’s dismissal was the object of some hilarious memes.

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Here are some of the funniest ones for your viewing fancy-

He may have been stumped but looks like he invented a new dance style!

We’ve all been there!

Ahem.. His fans are savage indeed!

Which one was your favourite? Tell us in the comments!