ICC ‘Top Batsman’ Federer All Set To Exchange ‘Notes’ With Sachin And Lesson 1 Sounds Awesome!

What did one master say to another? Sounds like the start of a joke, no? Well, a rather fun banter is in fact currently underway between Swiss maestro Roger Federer and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter! And it looks like there’s going to be a tennis+cricket masterclass in session pretty soon!

ICYMI, Roger Federer’s spectacular forward defense during his round-of-16 match with Mannarino at Wimbledon, was played with such utmost grace and technique of a top notch cricket batsman that it earned him an ICC #1 ranking!

Nope, no kidding! This really happened!

Sachin Tendulkar, a master of his own game and a good friend of the eight-time Wimbledon title holder, too tweeted to lavish praise on Roger Federer! But this praise came with an interesting proposal!

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This cricket-meets-tennis masterclass got us all excited like….!

But none more excited than Roger Federer himself because he couldn’t keep calm and wait for it!

Same, Roger. SAME! Let’s get this class started!

And what do you know, Sachin is so meticulous that he’s already got the lesson plans in place! Aila Sachin <3

SRT even managed to sneak in a sweet apology to his friend for not being able to watch him play in person!

Sports fans right now must be gushing over this exchange between two masters! And you can’t blame them!

Can you imagine though what an actual masterclass with these two legends would be like? The things you’d learn!

Phew! Looks like with that amazing ‘hand-eye coordination’ and Sachin’s ‘notes’, Roger Federer is all set to clench his ninth Wimbledon title!

As ICC put it in their tweet, this is what happens….

Legends, y’all <3