Federer Surprises Italian Girls Who Played Rooftop Tennis, They Later Eat Pasta & Play Tennis


“Necessity is the mother of invention.” And, that is exactly why 2 Italian women came up with the novel idea of playing tennis from their respective rooftops amid the pandemic. Maintaining safe social distance the two junior players from Liguria, Italy took the game to a whole new level back in April.

13-year-old Vittoria and 11-year-old Carola became overnight sensations after their video was applauded by many people online, reports the Indian Express. Now, almost after three months, the girl received an epic surprise thanks to their viral video. In a once-in-a-lifetime moment, tennis legend Roger Federer joined the duo in a friendly match.


In the clip shared by Italian pasta brand Barilla, both girls can be seen praising Federer as their favorite player. However, the girls, who thought it was just another interview, were not aware that the Swiss professional tennis player was right there. The duo was shocked and screamed in excitement when Federer appeared and offered to play a match with them on their rooftop. They yelled in joy, “We cannot believe it, Federer is on our rooftop!”


Not only did Federer hit a few balls with them but also enjoyed a meal with the girls. He also clicked selfies and signed a tennis ball for the duo. However, the surprise didn’t just end there as the 38-year-old tennis star offered to enroll them in the Rafa Nadal Academy to train in a summer camp.

Many people online were left impressed by Federer’s kind gesture and the girl’s jovial reaction:

Honestly, we are equally excited about this spectacular surprise. We hope the girls have a great time at the academy.

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