12 Reasons Why Roger Federer Is The Undefeated God Of Tennis

There are no adjectives left in the dictionary which has not been used before to praise the ‘God of Tennis’ Roger Federer.

One of the main reasons why I understand the beauty of tennis in the first place is because of Roger Federer.

So, it’s really difficult to describe Roger Federer because you cannot possibly write sufficient enough. So, if I have to write something different from ‘the greatest tennis player of all time’, I will say something like ‘If there is someone who is specifically made for a sport, it is Roger Federer for tennis.’

So let’s see the top 12  reasons why the legendary Pete Sampras called the Swiss as the best player to have ever graced the game of tennis.

1. Federer’s dominance of the tennis scene is beyond words. He has 17 Grand Slams to his name. No other player has won more slams than him.

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2. Five straight Wimbledon trophies, five straight U.S. Open crowns, 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-final appearances and a record 237 consecutive weeks as the world’s no. 1 tennis player.

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3. He has the perfect serve and can produce tennis shots that should be termed illegal. His backhand is better and his forehand is equally good.

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4. He is one of the very few players who can cover the entire court. The surface doesn’t matter to him because he can hit from anywhere on the court.

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5. Unlike the other tennis players, Federer grows stronger during the match. Even if he concedes a lead early in the match, he gets stronger while his opponent slowly fades.

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6. Federer is one of the most intelligent players because he not only plays with his strength but also with his head.

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7. Aside from the records, it’s the grace which have made him popular around the globe. He’s humble, classy and elegant at the same time.

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8. He addresses the media all over the world in the native language where he’s playing, because he can speak six languages. He speaks English, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish.

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9. Federer has won a title in 17 different countries and that speaks of his versatility. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he can speak so many languages. 😀

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10. Federer’s acceptance speech is totally different. He is humble in victory and graceful in defeat.

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11. Even if it’s 0-0 or match point, he remains cool all the time. You never see him throw the racket or get angry or even complain. His only job is to get on the court, play good tennis and win matches.

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12. He has an incredible mental toughness and has answered the critics every time, clearly emphasising that he is the best to have ever played this sport.

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Roger Federer is the complete package, whether it be as a tennis player or as a person.

There can be another Nadal, another Djokovic and also another Murray, but there can never be another Roger Federer.

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