Historian Claims RRR’s Portrayal Of The British Is Dishonest & Ignorant, Gets Schooled

There is no doubt that RRR’s popularity across the world has been magnanimous. The film is set in the 1920s when India was under the British Raj and to some extent, it shows the atrocities carried on by the Britishers over Indians. However, anybody who is familiar with India’s history under the British Raj would know that the film showed just a fraction of the brutalities inflicted by them on our ancestors.

However, British historian Robert Tombs thinks otherwise. The 73-year-old man who is a Professor of French history at the University of Cambridge wrote an article for ‘The Spectator’ where he calls the portrayal of the Britishers in RRR “unusually nasty and at the same time amazingly silly.”

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“We have played such an important role in the world over the last few centuries that we have accumulated enemies as well as friends. In many nationalist myths, we are cast in the role of villains. It’s a way that quite a few countries make up heroic stories about themselves,” he wrote.

“To portray British officials and soldiers roaming the country casually committing crimes is a sign of absolute ignorance or of deliberate dishonesty…So films like RRR do not reveal some hidden truth about the past, nor do they express genuine popular feelings. They try to stir up synthetic emotions…Netflix should be ashamed for promoting it,” he added.

Read the entire article here.

Not just Indians, but people from across the world slammed the historian for, in a way, defending the British. Many said that RRR has in fact been “easy on them”, considering the mass murders, loot, famine, slavery and other devastations that were caused by the British Raj.

“Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

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