Ex-cricketer Robert Key’s Wife Messes Up His Quarantine Haircut, Tries To Salvage It Later

Currently, it is not possible for us to visit our favourite salon or have a hairdresser style our hair because, well, you know why. So, quarantined couples are relying on each other to get a trim – Anushka Sharma cut Virat Kohli’s hair with kitchen scissors and Rajkummar Rao did it for Patralekha.

But when ex-cricketer Robert Key asked his nutritionist wife Fleur to do the honours, it didn’t turn out quite as he expected, reports News18.

Some people on Twitter sympathized with his predicament having gone through it themselves while others urged him to shave it all off.

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According to NDTV, Fleur apologized, revealed that her inspiration was actor Brad Pitt and tried to salvage the situation the next day. Here is how it turned out.

We have new-found appreciation for the skill and dedication of hairstylists. Once this lockdown is over, we’ll make sure we tell them the same and be more grateful for their services.

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