Robbers in Gujarat Decide To Dance In Front Of CCTV After Looting A Flat, Video Goes Viral

2018 can very well be termed as the year of trends. From the popular Kiki challenge to the dangerous Dragon fad, the year has seen people celebrating trends like never before. And as we speak about spreading a fancy, there seems to be a certain one among thieves.

Yes, in a new movement of their own, we have seen thieves and robbers dancing in front of the CCTV after committing a crime. In case you are looking for an example, let us remind you of the thief in Delhi, who performed some cheeky moves before his attempt at looting a shop.

And now, we are here with another one which took place at Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

In a video which is going viral, a gang of five thieves can be seen entering a house. During their way out, one of them uses a blanket to cover himself and goes on to shake his legs in front of the CCTV.

Apart from their open taunt to the police, they broke into two flats and stole cash and jewelleries worth lakhs.

You can watch the video here:

The police have lodged two complaints of burglary against the unknown criminals.

However, dancing in front of the camera doesn’t make their crime less heinous. But what comes as a matter of concern is the lack of fear among the criminals which is encouraging them to break the law without the slightest hint of shame.