RJ Naved’s Monologue On Why He Wants To Abort His Fictional Girl Child Is Too Damn Real


From cold-blooded murders to sexual assault of children, the world has succumbed to these monsters. A recent incident that shook the entire country, was the rape of an eight-month-old baby by her own cousin.

According to reports, the parents of the baby left for work every day leaving her in the care of their sister-in-law. On the day of the incident on 28 January 2018, the 28-year-old accused who is the son of the sister-in-law forced himself on the helpless infant.

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The parents returned to find their child bleeding profusely from her injuries. The accused has since been arrested and the baby is in critical care. But is the arrest of the accused enough? Our country worships women in the form of goddesses and yet, women are reduced to a deplorable condition in the same society.

RJ Naved put across a touching point on his show when he called up a gynaecologist as part of a social experiment. He started off by telling her that his wife is pregnant and they think it’s a girl so they want to abort.

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The doctor is flabbergasted at the request and proceeds to berate him. She asks him whether he wants to abort the girl because he wants a boy. To this, Naved replies,

“Ladka nahi ladki hi chahiye thi. Lekin rape ho jayega iska.”

In a thought-provoking monologue, Naved puts across valid points that we, as a society really need to reflect on. His message also asks society to reconsider how we view women as no less than men. Because when we say “women are no less than men”, we have already subconsciously decided that women are somewhat inferior.


You can listen to the goosebump-inducing powerful monologue here:

When will THIS stop???

Posted by RJ Naved on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

In a country, where people outrage over the honour of fictional queen, the real issues have been buried deep under frivolous things. How long before we wake up and give women their due respect?

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